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Alecia Reading is the most sweetest kindest person I’ve ever met. She cares about people and helps them in every way she can. Nobody likes going through a Divorce and Alecia makes them feel comfortable about the situation. I have seen her in action in the courtroom she is definitely a fighter. In my eyes a winner! She knows the laws and will do what she needs to do to get the job done and make your life easier. Alecia cares about what the children go through also making the situation fair for both parents. Several of my good friends and co-workers have used Alecia and have been completely satisfied. You always want a good luck charm going through a Divorce.



In 2009, I reached out to Alecia Reading to represent me during my divorce. She came highly recommended by many of my friends, who are attorneys themselves. Alecia represented me and carried me through a very difficult time, addressing the needs of my children as well as my needs through her representation. She is well versed in family law and did such an amazing job representing me in 2009 that now in 2016, I am relying on her again. Alecia is now helping my children and I see each other more and with regularity. I would never wish anyone to go through the difficulties of a divorce and “custody” hearings but if you are or contemplating it… give Alecia a call and at a minimum, meet with her… I am sure anyone else would have the same positive experience I have had, through a very difficult time, in choosing her to rep you. I genuinely feel I have had someone fighting for me in court and not just running through the motions. Alecia, thank you for all that you do!



Nobody gets married wanting to go through a divorce. Alecia was a bright spot in a dark season for me. I wish all my friends and neighbors marital success… But if you find yourself in an unexpected place, I highly recommend you call Alecia Reading.



Attorney Alecia Reading handled a case for us with very successful results. She is very professional and efficient and we highly recommend her.



Ms. Alecia Reading represented me in a difficult contested divorce that involved custodial and financial issues.  She took on my case after it was clear I would need an experienced divorce lawyer.

At our initial meeting in her office she carefully listened to the details of my then messy situation.  We discussed the next important steps that both she and I needed to take to move the case forward as speedily and advantageously as possible.  Even at this first contact, Ms. Reading was able to help dispel some of the fears and apprehensions I had regarding my estranged husband.  She put many domestic and financial issues in perspective for me in a way that no one had up to then.  It was a significant turning point for me in many ways, and strongly influenced the direction of my case and how it evolved to my and my children’s benefit.

I also learned that in addition to her already extensive background as a divorce attorney, she is a highly experienced licensed mediator.  Her skills in mediation, and her overall decisive character proved to be invaluable in dealing with an irate and often uncooperative husband, as well as other individuals.

As the proceedings took on many challenging turns in both family and supreme court,  Ms. Reading remained professional, prepared and always committed to the best possible outcome for me and my kids. Throughout, I can say she maintained open and transparent discussions with me on any big or small changes in my case, and the options I had to move forward, something I truly appreciated.

As a client I felt respected by her, and respected her in turn.  She is no doubt one of the best lawyers out there. For these reasons, and many others, I am both grateful to Ms. Reading, and recommend her without hesitation.



I hired Alecia in October 2010 to handle my divorce. It was the best decision I ever made. The divorce was very bitter and ended up going to trial after 2 years. Alecia was extremely knowledgeable and responded to every question I had. She fought for me every step of the way and her performance in the courtroom was phenomenal! The final outcome of my case was more than I could have hoped for and I truly believe Alecia is the reason it turned out so well.   would highly, highly recommend her for anyone needing a  divorce or family court attorney.



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